Perfect Way to Advertise Your Business

Flyer distribution in Singapore wasn’t my first choice when it came to advertising my new restaurant, but it should have been considering how it turned out. I went through the usual advertising options and found many of them far too expensive for my meager budget. I spent a lot of money on getting the restaurant up to snuff for my new customers, which left me with few options to publicize my place. Radio and television spots, even short ones, are very expensive and most people don’t watch or listen to television or radio as they did even a decade ago.

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Please note that dishonest shameless top officials in NTRO, R&AW, CBI, tata, google are allegedly falsely claiming that lazy greedy goan gsb frauds housewife lead thief riddhi who looks like actress kangana ranaut, fraud diploma holder slut siddhi mandrekar who commited corporate espionage , obc slut slim bsc sunaina who offers SEX BRIBES to these shameless top officials in India, shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar, housewife veena, semiliterate housewife naina, blackmailer ruchika, stock broker asmita patel and others who have allegedly got lucrative jobs in R&AW, India’s external intelligence agency, falsely claiming to have a Btech 1993 ee degree, are domain investors and Paypal account holders when these pampered frauds do not spend a single paisa on domain names or do any work, in exchange for sex bribes or other favors from these fraud women.

Chronic Back Problem and Chiropractic Relief

Most of the people I know with back pain complain of lower back pain. I have it in my shoulders. It can get to aching like a toothache to the point I walk all hunched over and barely able to move. When this first started, I thought I was having a heart attack because the pain does radiate, and it was affecting my left arm too. The full cardiac workup proved it was not my heart, and the scans showed problems with some arthritis and degenerative disk disease in my cervical spine. My chiropractor in Sacramento helps me manage the pain to pretty much live a perfectly normal life.

I refuse to be a victim of painkillers. I see many friends and neighbors hooked on narcotics and even the over-the-counter NSAIDs. I have one neighbor who cannot get through a work day without his 800mg prescription ibuprofen. I cannot begin to imagine what he is doing to his heart taking that every day. He says he has to do something about the pain to get through work. He works outside in all kinds of weather. He says it hurts too bad to not take the pills. Continue reading »

Finding a New Home in Atlanta for Work

When I found out that my husband got a promotion at work, I was very excited for him. I was proud of his achievement and everything that would come with it. One of the things that would have to change due to this promotion is that we would have to relocate to Atlanta. His company just open a new branch there, and they asked him to oversee services offered at that location. He told me that we would find a real estate agent who would help us find luxury apartments in Atlanta GA. He knew that I was a little apprehensive about doing it on my own, so I was glad that he made the suggestion.

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My Wife is Happier in Atlanta

I was given a pretty good opportunity to advance my career, but I honestly did not know if I wanted to take advantage of it. It would mean that my wife and I would have to move to Atlanta, which is over three hours where we were living. I didn’t mind moving, but I did not want to uproot her from the only town she had ever lived in. Well, when she found out that I was debating this because of her, she took charge and started looking at apartments for 30339, since that is the zip code where we would have to live or at least be close to.

When she did that, all of the puzzle pieces just started falling into place. She told me that she would follow me to Alaska if need be, but she was glad that we were still pretty close to the majority of her family. Continue reading »

We Have a Big Problem at the Hotel

Of course this is the sort of thing that all hoteliers are living in fear of. Some time ago they had the problem of bed bug control in NYC off of the table. There was a concerted effort to get rid of the things and they succeeded in exterminating them in the USA. That did not last forever however, obviously these creatures are really tiny and they eventually hitched a ride back into America in the luggage of some traveler. They came back really strong and so now you can get them all over the place and travelers are always spreading them around to places where they are not found. Continue reading »

Fixed Up Our Hopper Scale Quickly

I was online recently at work looking for load cells for sale because our previous supplier went out of business. The guy retired and his son shut the business down, and that meant we were in a load of trouble. I work at a granary and we use hopper scales non-stop throughout the day to weigh out amounts before getting the grain into bags for transport. Grain, if you don’t know, is gritty and dirty and a real mess. It takes very little time to gum up a hopper, or more importantly the parts, and the whole thing breaks down.

When you’ve got a hopper that isn’t working, you can’t fill the bags and you can’t transport the grain and you get yelled at by the boss. One of the parts that seems to break the most is the load cells. They get gummed up and quit working. That’s when we would put in an order for several, replace the cell, and get back to work. Unfortunately we had used our last one and someone didn’t line up a new supplier. Continue reading »

Hidden Video Clues in Snapchat

A famous investor decided to hold a contest over Snapchat. He would post video clues each hour and after an hour, the clues would disappear. The clues revealed the location of a hidden briefcase filled with money. Since I was going to be at work when the contest was happening, there was no way I could see all of the clues before they were gone. I used a program to hack Snapchat so that I would be able to access the video clues once they had been taken off. After my work day was done, no one had found the location of the briefcase, so I still had a chance of winning.

I looked at the video clues that I had downloaded over and over to figure out where the briefcase could be, but I couldn’t figure it out. I looked at everything in the video to see if I was missing something that would reveal the location. I was starting to think that the hole thing was a hoax just to get people to follow the investor on Snapchat. Continue reading »

This Simple Program Helped My Brother in a Big Way

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Living Close to My Parents Again is Great

I was so happy when my parents moved back to Forestville. I had wanted to move there myself because it is where I was the happiest in all my life, but I knew that I would have a hard time there by myself. When my mom told me they were going to retire there, I immediately started to look at apartments in Forestville MD because I wanted to be there with them. I knew that I needed my own place though because I have a four year old son, which is why I needed to be close to someone who could help me with him.

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My Back Hurt After My Accident

I knew as soon as I tried to get out of my car after it was hit that there was something wrong with my back and neck. When I had gotten into my car just a few minutes earlier, there was not a single thing wrong with me, physically. When I got out of my car to assess the accident, I hurt as soon as I got out. I immediately sat back down, concerned. I was taken to the hospital, where I was kept for observation and then was advised to see a Philadelphia chiropractor because the tests that were done did not produce any signs of injury. Continue reading »

Getting to the Good Attorneys

When I first opened my own business, I was told by a very wise person that I should look for business asset protection attorneys in Orange County. I’m glad I listened to this person’s advice, because my assets are now more secure than ever. Somehow the attorneys knew that I was searching for one, because when I searched for one, they all started coming out of the woodwork, contacting me to do business with them. I wasn’t aware that there were so many attorneys in my area.

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When I started looking at apartments for rent in Silver Spring MD, I just wanted to find something as quickly as possible. I had been living with a couple of friends, and we were just not as close as we used to be. They felt like I didn’t know how to have fun anymore, and I felt that they didn’t know it was time to grow up and become responsible. Rather than any of us trying to change the others, I just made the decision that I was going to get my own apartment.

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Using a Pay Stub Generator for My Part Time Workers

I run a small business out of my home. Usually, I am able to handle all of the work myself, but now and again, there is overfill that needs to be taken care of. Rather than make my customers wait, I will hire a part time worker for a few weeks to help me clear it out. Finding someone to help is not hard to do, and paying them is very easy too. A friend told me about a paystub generator online and told me to check it out for the times I needed to hire my part time workers.

When I went to the site that he told me about, I was pretty amazed at how simple it is to use. The real work is done behind the scenes. Continue reading »

A Natural Breast Enhancement Cream That Works

If someone would have told me that there was a breast enhancement cream that actually worked, I probably would not have believed them just on their word alone. I know that sounds harsh, but I also know that not every manufacturer of a product like this has integrity. I would have combed the fine print, just to see if there was something about it only working on .001 percent of the people who use it. However, when I actually see real proof, it is hard to refute what is before your very own eyes.

That is what happened to me not long ago. I had small breasts for the majority of my life. That is no longer the case, and it is all because of a random run-in with an old friend. She and I were close in high school, but we went our separate ways and had not seen each other in years. Continue reading »
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Justice delayed is justice denied

The harmless google competitor, domain investor and obc bhandari single woman engineer has been defamed, cheated, exploited and tortured for more than 7 years, and has not got any help to end the torture, exploitation despite complaining loudly, her retirement savings stolen without a court order or legally valid reason.

She has wasted 7 years of her life, trying to get justice and is not likely to forgive or forget the indian government, google, tata employees who are responsible for all the atrocities on a harmless citizen, great pain which she has endured.

So the longer it takes to end the torture, human rights abuses, to retrieve her savings, the less likely the engineer is to forget everything and not demand compensation for the pain she endured

Fraud goan, google, tata, NTRO, CBI employees making a virtue out of necessity to cheat, EXPLOIT domain investor, google competitor

In 2010-2011, the intelligence and security agencies were able to defame, frame a domain investor and google competitor to some extent, because she was not aware of the harassment methods taught to these government employees. After 2012, the domain investor is largely aware of the methods used by indian intelligence and security agencies to frame their victims of organized stalking, and no one has been able to frame her. Also in 2010-2011, the fraud ntro employees led by puneet, j srinivasan, parmar, falsely claiming to HELP, were rewarding all those defaming without any proof the engineer, domain investor, without allowing the domain investor the opportunity to defend herself or checking if the person defaming had any legally valid proof.

In goa alson, the officials have tried very hard to defame, and frame her to force her to agre to identity theft, wasting a lot of time and indian tax payer money for more than 5 years, because google, tata have rewarded them with R&AW/CBI jobs for their mediocre lazy greedy relatives and friends, like riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan, naina , veena, nayanshree hathwar and others. In Mumbai, the domain investor was stalked only for 2010-2011, in goa the stalking has continued for more than 5 years in a clear indication of the viciousness of officials in goa

However they are unable to frame her, because now the domain investor and google competitor is aware of the methods used for framing innocent people, and takes precautions to avoid being framed like not visiting malls . So like in period till 2010, there are no fake cases, or framing after 2012 as the domain investor and google competitor is a harmless indian citizen who has not harmed or cheated anyone, and can easily prove the same without any help from the indian intelligence and security agencies. The fraud ntro employees like parmar, puneet, j srinivasan, vijay and others have also stopped their ‘FAKE HELP’ so anyone who makes fake allegations will have to directly interact with the engineer, who can easily file a counter case of defamation, extortion against those defaming her .

The goan gsb fraud mafia, google, tata , ntro, cbi employees and other officials tried very hard since 2010 to frame the obc bhandari engineer, domain investor and when they are unable to do so due to lack of evidence, the cunning goan gsb fraud mafia, and others are trying to make a VIRTUE OF NECESSITY and are falsely claiming that their lazy greedy shameless cheater relatives and friends like obc bhandari sex worker sunaina, goan gsb frauds housewife riddhi nayak, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar,gujju housewife naina, shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, greedy extortionists should get credit and a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the google competitor, who is getting nothing.

This clearly indicates how brilliant frauds the mainly brahmin NTRO, CBI, google, tata employees are, wasting crores of indian tax payer money annually since 2010, trying to frame, defame a harmless single woman obc bhandari engineer, and when they are unable to find any legally valid evidence, they still want to give their lazy greedy mediocre fraud relatives, friends and sex partners like obc bhandari sex worker sunaina, goan gsb frauds housewife riddhi nayak, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar,gujju housewife naina, shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, indore fraud veena, credit and a monthly R&AW/CBI salary at the expense of the harmless innocent domain investor and obc bhandari engineer who is getting nothing

A truly brilliant and evil fraud of the brahmin NTRO, CBI, google, tata employees who do not have the courage and honesty to face the domain investor, obc bhandari engineer and justify their defamation, cheating and exploitation in one of the greatest online, financial domain frauds in indian history

OBC bhandari engineer does not require any help from goan gsb fraud cbi employee extortionist housewife riddhi nayak, faking a btech 1993 ee degree

The fraud NTRO employees are falsely claiming that their btech 1993 ee classmate is obliged to the google, tata sponsored goan sex worker R&AW employees obc bhandari sunaina 2013 bsc, goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, cbi employees goan gsb fraud housewife extortionsit riddhi nayak, semi literate gujju housewife naina because in 2011, 2012 the shameless cunning brahmin fraud ntro employee puneet rewarded a large number of frauds for making fake allegations without any proof against their btech 1993 ee classmate, after stealing her hard earned money

The obc bhandari engineer with a btech 1993 ee degree has not cheated or harmed anyone in her life , so there is no reason why anyone should file a case against her and she does not require any kind of help from the shameless fraud NTRO employees like puneet, vijay, j srinivasan, parmar, patel
After the fraud ntro employee puneet stole the obc bhandari engineers resume, he refused to reply to her, and no cases were filed against her after that because no one had the courage to make fake allegations without any proof against an engineer who they never interacted with , as the engineer would file a case of defamation and extortion against those making fake allegations without any proof.
In fact the goan gsb fraud mafia in intelligence and security agencies like caro, mandrekar, nayak, who are related to the goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak have viciously defamed, cheated, exploited and tortured the obc bhandari engineer in panaji, goa refusing to acknowledge the fact that she is a trained and experienced engineer, domain investor unlike their lazy fraud relatives R&AW/CBI employees riddhi siddhi who were too mediocre and lazy to answer JEE , get their own btech ee degree or start their own online business
It is these atrocities of the GSB, saraswats on obc bhandaris, stealing the resume, savings, and others which has led the poet vishnu wagh to abuse the saraswats in his poetry book

Fake cases filed against google competitor only when fraud NTRO employees FAKE HELP

In one of the greatest financial, online, domain fraud, a google competitor and domain investor with a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai finds that fake cases are only filed against her when powerful fraud NTRO employees FAKE HELP for her, and waste her hard earned money paying all those who file fake cases against her without any proof

When the powerful fraud ntro employees end their FAKE HELP of the google competitor, after stealing her resume, investment, memory and correspondence, no one will dare to file a fake case against the domain investor and engineer, because they know that the engineer can easily prove that she has not interacted with them in any way.

Yet the cowardly powerful fraud NTRO employees refuse to admit their mistake of rewarding all those making fake allegations without proof, and continue to use the fake allegations of their fraud friends to defame, cheat, exploit and torture the google competitor and domain investor for the rest of her life in one of the greatest financial frauds since 2010

Why are section 420 fraud NTRO, cbi employees refusing to provide details of fake allegations to google competitor ?

The section 420 fraud NTRO, cbi employees parmar, patel, puneet, j srinivasan are justifying the theft of the resume, investment, memory and correspondence of a harmless google competitor, experienced engineer, for 10 lazy greedy mediocre google tata sponsored frauds, sex workers sunaina, siddhi, cheater housewives like naina,riddhi nayak, nayanshree, veena, asmita patel, ruchika king, falsely claiming that they are “HELPING” her as many people are making fake allegations against her.
However the google competitor would like to know why these fraud NTRo employees are refusing to provide details of fake allegations to google competitor like the name , address of the person , the defamatory allegation being made against her, the evidence available, so that she can defend herself, and file a counter case of defamation against those who are making the fake allegations
Why are the ntro employees interfering in the life of the google competitor when there is no connection at all, studying in the same college, does not give the ntro employees the license to interfere in her life after a few decades
Till the NTRO employees like parmar, puneet, j srinivasan, vijay, patel provide details of fake allegations and proof against the google competitor, they have no right to interfere in the life of the google competitor, misuse her name, steal her resume, investment, correspondence without her permission

NSA,CIA, google, tata, NTRO, cbi, raw, security agencies brazenly defaming google competitor since 2010

It is a well established fact that R&AW employs the relatives and friends of top intelligence and security agency employees like shivalli brahmin R&AW employee bengaluru cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar , often with fake resume, fake investment and fake online work. It can be also easily proven that in 2017, shivalli brahmin R&AW employee bengaluru cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar (like goan obc bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina,goan gsb fraud R&AW employee siddhi, riddhi nayak) is not doing any work online and does not have a paypal account checking her financial records
However in one worst cases of defamation of a obc bhandari engineer , google competitor with a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai, NSA, CIA, google, tata, NTRO want to defame the obc bhandari engineer as an idle person, and falsely claim that the lazy greedy shivalli brahmin R&AW employee bengaluru cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar who cheated the obc engineer, is only looking after her house, is writing content, so that the brahmin cheater gets a monthly R&AW salary at the expense of the google competitor who is getting nothing
It is clear that google, tata, NTRO, cbi, raw are defaming the google competitor, refusing to acknowledge the time and money she is spending.,and further humiliating, exploiting her by falsely claiming that the lazy greedy fraud women who cheated, defamed the google competitor are writing content, giving them credit and a monthly indian government salary for work they do not do , money that they do not invest,
The fraud google, tata, ntro, raw employees are falsely claiming that the content is not of good quality, however most self published books, websites in India, have the same or worse standards of writing, grammar and spelling, no one questions or harasses them, wasting crores of rupees of indian tax payer money since 2010, in a clear case of discrimination.
After 7 years, it is time that google, tata , indian government, NSA, CIA, stop falsely claiming that 10 lazy greedy mediocre raw, cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree are connected with the google competitor and own her paypal account, defaming, causing financial losses to the google competitor

NTRO employee Parmar a greater stalker than Vikas Barala

The fraud NTRO employee parmar is so infatuated with the eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons that instead of being honest that his semi literate girlfriend naina is only capable of looking after her house and family , the shameless fraud parmar is wasting crores of rupees of tax payer money to make his semi literate premika naina, rich and powerful overnight, stalking and stealing the identity of a google competitor, domain investor for his semiliterate girlfriend to get her a CBI job with monthly salary at the expense of the real domain investor who is getting nothing
Though the semiliterate CBI employee naina has never operated a computer in her life the shameless fraud R&AW, CBI, google, tata employees are falsely claiming that she is working online to justify the wastage of tax payer money. In August 2017, the domain investor went to a place in north goa, hoping to escape the stalking, harassment, torture in panaji
Parmar and his associates were so ruthless in stalking the domain investor, that after a few days, on 9 August 2017, in the bus they sent a look alike of parmar premika naina holding a pink bag with gaga printed on it , wearing brown and white checked shirt indicating that parmar is ruthless in stalking the engineer across multiple states in goa, The look alike of parmar premika was fast asleep and the conductor had to wake her up to collect the ticket charges
The media carried the story of Vikas Barala, no one has the courage to write or talk about NTRO employee parmar who is stalking, harassing a harmless single woman engineer since 2010

It is not easy to frame an experienced engineer

Only because of the shameless cunning section 420 fraud NTRO employees puneet, j srinivasan, vijay, parmar, patel, who falsely claimed to be “HELPING” the domain investor they hated, the savings, resume, memory, correspondence of the engineer and india’s largest female domain investor were stolen without a court order and people file fake cases. .
These shameless fraud NTRO employees refused to tell the engineer details of those making fake allegations so that she could defend herself and end the defamation. In reality it is extremely difficult to legally frame an experienced engineer, as engineers, especially who has actually worked in large companies,as they are trained to ensure that all the deals they are doing are commercially sound, and there is no dispute at a later date
If there was any loophole the engineer would not have handled large projects because unlike the corrupt and ineffficient indian government, NTRo, cbi whose careless corrupt employees make many mistakes wasting crores of rupees of indian tax payer money, private companies in India cannot afford to lose money because of incompetent engineers who are not rigorous or thorough in their work. Now after stealing the engineers resume, savings, memory, correspondence, these fraud ntro employees refuse to communicate with her.

NTRO, CBI, google, tata employees far worse, cruel,criminal stalkers than Vikas Barala

The indian media, especially Times of India, India Today are showing their hypocrisy, dishonesty and lack of humanity when they cover the story of Vikas Barala who was accused of stalking for less than 1 hour, and completely ignoring the story of the cruel criminal sex bribe taking fraud NTRO employees led by j srinivasan, puneet, vijay, parmar, patel, who have stalked, defamed, tortured, cheated and exploited a harmless single woman engineer, india’s largest female domain investor for more than 7 years since 2010, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money.
In fact the NTRO, CBI, security agency, google, tata employees are far worse than Vikas Barala as they have also stolen the resume, retirement savings, correspondence, memory of the harmless single woman engineer, a private citizen, and are criminally torturing her with radiation weapons causing great pain,memory loss, insomnia, rewarding people for filing fake cases without any proof against the woman engineer.
The cowardly dishonest indian media will only cover minor cases of stalking, sexual harassment, it does not have the courage and honesty to cover some of the worst cases of sexual harassment by senior NTRO, CBI, R&AW and security agency employees falsely claiming national security, black money

Even detectives shocked at the NTRO, CBI resume theft fraud

The google, tata masterminded identity theft fraud on india’s largest female domain investor is so brazen and brutal that even detectives who are used to the dark side of human nature are shocked that the indian government is so shameless in falsely claiming that google, tata supplied PROSTITUTES sunaina, sidddhi and other frauds like nayanshree hatwhar, riddhi, naina, and others who never worked as engineers are experienced engineers, domain investors and online experts.
Just because a woman has studied in the same college or is doing business, it does not mean that her male classmates have the right to misuse her name, steal her resume, correspondence, memory, savings for the rest of her life.
If they do not like her, the male classmate should leave her alone, as she is not interfering in their life in any way, they do not have the right to put her under surveillance, steal her resume, correspondence, memory , wasting indian tax payer money in the process since 2010.
The ntro, cbi, raw employees involved in the resume theft, sex racket, refuse to introspect whether what they are doing is morally correct, and continue to waste a huge amount of indian tax payer money to harass, cheat, exploit and torture the domain investor

Google competitor expected to tolerate exploitation due to fraud ntro employees who hated her

Fraud ntro employees puneet, vijay, j srinivasan, hated a google competitor, yet cunningly and falsely claimed to be helping her and rewarded all the frauds who made fake allegations against the google competitor without any proof
When others saw that frauds were getting quick and easy money making fake allegations without proof against a person who they had not met, and were not even asked for any proof to get the money for defaming, others also started making fake allegations against the innocent harmless google competitor, domain investor.
Now the cunning fraud ntro, cbi, google, tata employees are saying that since so many google, tata sponsored frauds and liars are making fake allegations without any proof at all, they are telling the truth, and their defamation, cheating, exploitation of the google competitor is justified.
However the google competitor, domain investor DOES NOT AGREE to the justification of the cunning fraud ntro, cbi, google, tata employees, and would like the tata, google, ntro, cbi employees to provide PROOF that she has actually interacted with any of those who are making fake allegations against her and has actually received payment.
Just because the Fraud ntro employees puneet, vijay, j srinivasan rewarded a large number of people making fake allegations against her, it does not mean that these frauds were telling the truth, and she will not tolerate any kind of exploitation for the rest of her life as she is innocent and harmless

Why are the Fraud ntro employees puneet, vijay, j srinivasan not able to provide any legally valid proof of cheating?

When indian government pays for sex services, sex workers get great powers

The photos in the goan newspapers of pimps arrested by the goan police again highlighted the great hypocrisy of the indian government and society. When a private citizen pays for sex services, it is illegal, and the sex worker, her pimps are likely to to be arrested by the indian state government, especially when the sex worker and her pimps are not well connected.
On the other hand, when google, tata employees are pimps, supplying goan sex workers to top ntro, cbi, raw, security agency employees , the sex workers goan obc bhandari sunaina chodan, goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar get permanent indian government jobs in R&AW falsely claiming that the sex workers are experienced engineers from top colleges, online experts, domain investors, owning this domain also .
Since 2012-2013, it can be proved that google, tata supplied sex workers do not do any work online, do not invest any money in domain names, yet the indian government has been paying for the sex services monthly in the form of a R&AW salary. The sex worker R&AW employees have also got great powers with their fake resumes, and in goa, experienced engineers find that their correspondence is diverted to the google, tata sponsored goan sex worker R&AW employees, who operate a lucrative extortion racket in goa
Sex workers and their pimps who are arrested by the police should file a PIL, so that there is transparency in recruitment of sex workers by R&AW and other government agencies, so that sex workers all over india have an equal opportunity to get a monthly government salary, pension and great powers like goan sex workers sunaina, siddhi

Indian citizens falsely accused by corrupt government employees exploited, cheated for the rest of their life

In India the government is extremely powerful, unfair and regressive , because it is observed that when an indian citizen is falsely accused without any proof by indian government employees instead of punishing the government employee for making the mistake of falsely accusing an innocent harmless citizen, the innocent victim is penalized, defamed, cheated and exploited for the rest of her or his life.
The incompetent careless fraud indian government employees who made the mistake of falsely accusing a harmless indian citizen without any proof at all, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money, damaging the reputation of india in the process is not punished for his or her mistake in a clear indication that the indian government does not value efficient, merit or competence.
This ensures that indian government employees shamelessly abuse their powers to make fake allegations against innocent harmless citizens, for personal hatred or gain,especially when bribed by large corporates, as they are aware of the fact that they will not be penalized for their fraud
This is the reason for the problems in Kashmir, North East as the indian intelligence and security agency employees are too busy falsely accusing innocent harmless indian citizens without any proof at all for personal gain or hatred , making them enemies, and are least bothered about tracking the real troublemakers due to which the kashmir problem has worsened

Google, tata sponsored Goan obc bhandari R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina chodan associated with powerful criminal gang in panaji

Though Goan obc bhandari R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina chodan, 2013 bsc is not doing any work online, and is not investing any money online, she is pampered by google, tata, ntro, cbi employees who are duping companies, countries and people worldwide that the goan sex worker is a domain investor, online expert and experienced engineer with a btech 1993 ee degree. The VVIP goan sex worker R&AW employee sunaina is associated with a very powerful cruel criminal gang in panaji, goa who specializes in organized stalking, mental harassment of people residing in panaji,
Google, tata, cbi, ntro employees are aware of the fact that sunaina does no work online,does not invest any money online , yet are duping people and companies worldwide that the goan sex worker is an online expert, domain investor to get the sex worker a R&AW salary and great powers though goa officially claims that sex trade is illegal
The associates of the sex worker sunaina have been stealing the newspaper, magazines, locking the door from outside repeatedly after the domain investor has left the house, and someone is remaining in the house, organized stalking and are involved in home intrusions .

NTRO, CBI, security agency employees worse than lynch mobs in India

In 2017, the lynch mobs which kiled Junaid in harayana, another man in Jharkhand cannot be controlled because NTRO, CBI, security agency employees are allowed by the indian government to behave worse than lynch mobs, taking the law into their own hand and no action is taken against the ntro, cbi and security agency employees . Most indian citizens, especially middle aged citizens, are aware of the endless atrocities which ntro, security agencies are inflicting on harmless indian citizens after making completely fake allegations without proof .
For example india’s largest female domain investor owning this and and other websites has been mercilessly tortured since 2010 with radiation weapons causing great pain, ruining her health, by the cruel criminal indian security and intelligence agencies freelancing for google, tata, who are allowed by the indian government to take the law into their own hands falsely claiming national security .
Like the lynch mobs, the security agencies like the goan gsb fraud mafia of caro, mandrekar, nayak, brahmin cheaters hathwar, kodancha , pritesh chodnekar are not giving the harmless person they are falsely accusing a chance to defend herself, though they have not found any proof at all since 2010, they are mercilessly defaming, cheating, exploitingd and torturing the domain investor daily causing insomnia, headache and other problems. The indian government refuses to question the cruel criminal government employees .

So unless the indian government controls the NTRO, CBI, security agency employees who are contract killers freelancing for large corporates and whoever will pay them they will find it extremely difficult to control the lynch mobs who consider these cruel criminal animal like indian government employees torturing innocent harmless indian citizens without being questioned or held accountable, their role model