No freedom from torture in India

Indian celebrated the 69th independence day on 15 August 2016, however many harmless indian citizens are finding that they have no freedom from daily torture, especially by the cruel corrupt mental unsound criminal animal like ntro, security and intelligence agency officials, allegedly bribed by google, tata especially in panaji, goa .
Legally the harmless indian citizen a domain investor has not broken any rule at all and is sitting in her home, however due to extremely high levels of casteism, corruption, nepotism some contract killers in ntro, security agencies in some areas of panaji, have accepted money from large corporates allegedly google, tata to ruthlessly stalk, and torture a harmless single woman obc engineer, even at home, when she is sitting in a room, causing great pain.

The fact that money has been paid to ntro, security agency officials in some areas of panaji, goa to act as contract killers misusing the hitech radiation weapons can be easily proved because when the engineer will go to another area of panaji, less than 1 km away, she does not experience any pain at all. It clearly indicates that the ntro, security agency officials in the particular area in panaji, goa are being paid to stalk and torture her causing great pain.

If the officials really had some legally valid proof against the harmless single woman, they would stalk and torture her everywhere in India. In Mumbai, the engineer does not experience any major pain at all and in some places in panaji itself she does not experience any pain. Only in specific areas of panaji, goa, she cannot sit in a place for a long time, she will experience great pain as the official paid well to stalk, torture, and are ruthless in causing pain.

It appears that the local security, ntro officials controlling expensive equipment are bribed to torture the harmless engineer,. depending on the area where she is spending a lot of time, allegedly by google, tata or fraud intelligence employees impersonating the engineer, to cause maximum pain and slowly kill her . NTRO should official publish the amount their employees are getting for torturing harmless civilians with hitech ntro equipment.

Looking for a honest lawyer willing to expose the corrupt officials involved in the torture