Lothario Sindhi businessman Prem Ahuja role model for google, tata

The movie “Rustom” has again revived interest in the Nanavati case where Naval Commander Nanavati allegedly killed the sindhi businessman Prem Ahuja for having an affair with his wife Sylvia. However allegedly Prem Ahuja has become a role model for top google, tata, ntro, security agency officials, most of whom are married, yet continue to have numerous extra marital affairs, openly trading sex for power and money like the Chinese official Wang Baoan.
Google, tata are allegedly promoting women who have extra marital affairs with powerful officials falsely claiming that these sex, seduction experts are online experts, to give them lucrative R&AW/indian intelligence jobs with great powers, salaries , to defame, cheat, exploit and ruin the reputation, finances of India’s largest female domain investor
Though Adultery can be a ground for divorce , it appears that it is extremely rampant in the indian internet and tech sector, and those who refuse to provide sexual favors find themselves sidelined over a period of time, defamed and denied opportunities they deserved.