Criminal lawyers help reduce penalty for drivers

Many people drive their own vehicle to work and elsewhere as it is more convenient, saving them time and money. However since there are a large number of vehicles on the road , there is always a risk involved in driving a vehicle. While a vehicle driver can ensure that the vehicle speed does not exceed the specified speed limits in most cases, there is little he or she can do to avoid accidents. In some cases, the accident may be caused because of the vehicle malfunction, like a faulty component, due to which the driver loses control of the vehicle, in other cases, the accident may be due to the error of another driver, pedestrian or due to factors beyond the control like weather conditions .

In some cases, the driver may be careless and drive under the influence of alchohol, especially after a party or celebration. If caught by the police for Driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance(DUI) like alchohol, the penalty can be significant. In addition to the fine imposed by the police, and the time wasted, the DUI detainment can adversely affect the driving record and reputation of the driver. Though a person who is detained for DUI for the first time, will often have milder penalties , a driver should do everything possible to ensure that he or she does not have the detainment mentioned in the driving record, as he or she will have to usually pay a high car insurance premium.

While many who are caught by the police driving under the influence of alchohol or other intoxicating substance, think that they can defend themselves, as the professional attorneys may charge a higher fee of $1000 or more, it can be very expensive in the long term. Many of the drivers who prefer to defend themselves usually are given the maximum penalty for their offence as they do not know the loopholes in the law, which could allow them to escape free for a driving related offense. In addition to a fine, the drivers are expected to do social service, and also attend correctional courses at a place, which may be far away from the place of residence and work of the driver.

Car and vehicle drivers who are caught for a particular driving related offense may find that their driving license is suspended for some time, usually a few weeks. They also expected to travel to a distant place to attend the correctional course, which can be difficult in a place where the public transport will be poor. For a busy professional, he or she will have to take leave from office to complete the correctional course and the mandatory hours for social service. Most organizations allow employees only a limited number of holidays, as it will affect the productivity of the employee, organization, so the drunk driving charge can also adversely affect the career and finances of the driver who has to remain absent from his or her workplace for a long time.

So any driver who has been detained for a driving related offense, should try to get the best criminal attorney available, to minimize the penalty or escape unpunished if possible. the advantages of not being penalized for a driving mistake, are far greater in the long term, than the legal fees to be paid to a competent criminal traffic attorney Glendale AZ , like AC law group, who is aware of the many loopholes in the system. Some of these famous lawyers have ensured that their clients are not penalized in any way for a very severe driving offense, while those who committed a small mistake often find that they are being severely penalized, because they decided to defend themselves to save money, and were not aware of the loopholes in driving related laws which can be exploited.

If a car, commercial vehicle or other driver is involved in an accident, it can be even more expensive for the driver involved who may not be at fault. While in some cases, one driver has clearly made a mistake and not complied with the driving rules and regulations, in many cases, it is very difficult to determine who was responsible for the accident. In these cases, each of the drivers will try to ensure that the other driver is penalized, especially for major accidents which may be fatal, cause serious injuries and damage the vehicles. As the driver who is responsible for the accident has to compensate the victim, it is advisable to hire the best possible criminal traffic attorney Glendale AZ from AC law group who specialize in driving related offences and accidents.

Cars driven at high speeds are more likely to cause an accident as it is more difficult to control the vehicle and more damage is caused due to impact of the vehicle. Hence in Arizona like other states, driving rules specify the maximum speed at which the car can be driven, with 85 miles per hour the maximum permissible speed. However there are some drivers, especially those with the latest car models who may overspeed and be detained by the traffic police. Being penalized for a traffic violation can adversely affect the career, and reputation of the driver and also the immigration status. Hence a driver who is detained for any traffic violation should immediately contact the best possible criminal traffic attorney so that the driver is not penalized.