Google, tata, ntro expect torture victim to teach criminals and their associates for free

In an indication of bestiality, cruelty, greed and lack of humanity of google, tata, ntro, cbi these cruel greedy fraud companies and organizations, their officials expect a harmless single woman domain investor who have ruthlessly tortured daily for 6 years, causing great pain, to teach all those who criminally assaulted her, their sex partners, relatives and friends for free.
Almost every day for the last 6 years in panaji, goa the cruel criminal sex animal government employees allegedly on the payroll of google, tata have criminally stalked and tortured the harmless engineer, causing very great pain, ruining her health, destroying memory. Yet it is an indication of indian society and goan society that these cruel criminal sex animal tata, google officials who falsely claim GOAN CALL GIRLS, SEX WORKER RAW employees like goan obc bhandari sex expert sunaina chodnekar, sidhi who have sex with top officials are considered to be online experts just because they have sex with sex starved government employees

why does no ntro official have the courage to question google,tata why they are falsely claiming goan CALL GIRLS, FRAUDS are domain investors, why is the indian government not circulating photos, videos of the google, tata officials who are spreading false rumors that the goan sex workers, frauds are domain investors to get them R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence jobs, when these goan R&AW employees are only call girls recruited by the government for having sex, because they have powerful friends and relatives

Why is NTRO blindly believing the complete lies of large companies, why not ask them to pay the market price for technology, instead of stalking and torturing harmless domain investors to force them to teach others for free. If the engineer was not tortured daily in panaji, goa causing very great pain , she may have taught others , however after 6 years of relentless defamation, humiliation, great pain and torture by cruel criminal sex animal government employees in panaji, goa, only a very greedy or selfish person can hope for any kind of free help.

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