Living Close to My Parents Again is Great

I was so happy when my parents moved back to Forestville. I had wanted to move there myself because it is where I was the happiest in all my life, but I knew that I would have a hard time there by myself. When my mom told me they were going to retire there, I immediately started to look at apartments in Forestville MD because I wanted to be there with them. I knew that I needed my own place though because I have a four year old son, which is why I needed to be close to someone who could help me with him.

Prior to moving there, I had lived in Pennsylvania close to my aunt and uncle, who had helped me with him. There is no one quite like Mom and Dad though, and they were just as thrilled as I was that I was going to be moving closer to them too. I found a great apartment at Parkland Village, and it is only about three miles from where they live. Our apartment has two bedrooms, a bathroom that we share, a living room and dining room, and a kitchen.

There is plenty of storage space too, and I am even able to have a washer and dryer in the apartment, which is probably my biggest blessing there. I always had to drag a couple of baskets and laundry supplies to a common laundry area before, all with a four year old who wanted to be anywhere but there. I also like that there is no swimming pool here, because my son does not know how to swim yet. There is a playground here though, and he loves to play there every day. He has met some great friends here, and I have as well. The best part is being able to see my parents anytime that I want to since they are just a few minutes away.