Getting off of Benzos Was Easier Than I Thought Possible for Me

Some of the medications used to treat serious mental conditions are addictive. Wow, that’s just what you want for people that are already having problems coping. An example is drugs used to treat anxiety. When it gets really bad, you might have panic attacks. Your doctor prescribes benzodiazepine drugs, and then you find yourself a couple of years later looking for benzo detox in Florida. Well, at least that is what happened to me.

I had no idea that the medications I was prescribed to treat my severe anxiety were addictive. I also did not know that I had an extremely addictive personality. My sister has been using prescribed benzos for years, and she is not having addiction problems. On the other hand, I smoked and couldn’t quit. That is a marker for addictive personalities. My benzo drug I was given really helped ease my severe anxiety, but it took more and more over time to maintain the effect. When the doctor would not prescribe me a higher dose, I started to run out of my medication before I could get a refill because I was doubling and tripling my doses. Then I was stealing it from my sister. After I got caught doing that, I started to buy it on the street.

Now I have elevated liver enzymes showing I have damaged my liver taking so much of the drugs. I was taken to the ER when I was found unconscious and unresponsive after taking too many benzo drugs and mixing it with some alcohol. My sister got me into a place that does benzo detox in Florida. They helped me get off of the drug a little at a time. That is what made it bearable. When I left, I had the tools and strength to not go back to my addictions. I was even able to quit smoking and drinking too.