Hidden Video Clues in Snapchat

A famous investor decided to hold a contest over Snapchat. He would post video clues each hour and after an hour, the clues would disappear. The clues revealed the location of a hidden briefcase filled with money. Since I was going to be at work when the contest was happening, there was no way I could see all of the clues before they were gone. I used a program to hack Snapchat so that I would be able to access the video clues once they had been taken off. After my work day was done, no one had found the location of the briefcase, so I still had a chance of winning.

I looked at the video clues that I had downloaded over and over to figure out where the briefcase could be, but I couldn’t figure it out. I looked at everything in the video to see if I was missing something that would reveal the location. I was starting to think that the hole thing was a hoax just to get people to follow the investor on Snapchat. I noticed that there were some numbers hidden in the videos and wrote them down in order. The numbers were actually part of one phone number. I called the phone number and a person answered, saying they worked for a cable company.

I looked up the location of the cable company that corresponded to that particular phone number and drove over there as fast as I could while still obeying the traffic laws. Once I got to the cable company building, I parked my car and search around and inside to find the briefcase. Hidden away behind a plant, there was the briefcase. No one had seen it or touched it. I put it in my car and drove home, hoping that no one saw me.