My Girlfriend Really Loves Her Dog

I have seen a lot of people who really love their dogs, but not many like this girl I started dating a couple of months ago. She told me that her former boyfriend was jealous of this hound dog, but I do not think that I am going to get that far gone. She has all sorts of things for it, when they go some place she takes along a foldable doghouse, but the dog usually ends up sleeping the bed with her. I am not opposed to that, not so long as the dog is clean and behaves well. Of course she bathes this dog almost every single week and it is hardly ever dirty. The thing is a hound dog though and it loves to howl at squirrels and anything else that dares to come in the back yard with him. He would love it if you took him out into the woods and let him chase stuff, but there is not any chance of that happening. She never lets him out of her sight and would be beside herself if it got away.

Of course I realized that she was really good with this dog the first time that we decided to grill steaks on her back porch. We got three steaks instead of two and this hound dog knew that one of them was for him. I barely cooked it at all. She told me that he liked his steaks extremely rate, although when I asked her how she knew this there was not much of an answer. I would guess that the dog would have eaten the steak just about any way that I gave it to him and he was right there waiting when I cut the gristle and the fat off of my steak.