The Best Chicken Wings Ever

When my husband bought me a new air fryer for Christmas, I honestly didn’t think that I would use it. I mean, who wants to use a small appliance that will make food that doesn’t really taste all that great? I had a juicer in the back of the cupboard, and I had not used it for about a year. I figured the air fryer would join it. That was not the case though, because I found some pretty amazing Air Fryer chicken recipes online. I knew I had to try this out at least once, and I figured that it would be best if I used it for chicken wings or something like that.

I figured if they didn’t taste that good, then my husband would not be too offended if I did not use the air fryer much at all. Since chicken wings are his favorite, it was the perfect food to try it out on. Since I had never heard of a single chicken wing recipe that tasted good without it being fried in oil, I knew that this was going to be a challenge. I didn’t deliberately try to fail at this, it was just that I did not put any faith in an air fried chicken wing.

That is where my first mistake would be. The chicken wings that this fryer made were so delicious and juicy, and they even tasted better than the ones we get at our favorite restaurant. I make chicken wings all the time now. I have amazing recipes for baked Buffalo wings, marinated wings, bbq’d wings, garlic wings, and so many more. We have a different one every few days, and neither one of us will ever get tired of these. This has turned out to be the best gift ever from him!