We Were Able to Do a Roof Repair Instead

When my husband told me that we would probably need to have a new roof put on before we could move into our fixer upper, I was a bit upset. We had paid top dollar for this house. It was not because of the house itself, because like I said, it was a fixer upper. However, the property is like a small gold mine, and we were lucky to get it. I was just upset that we would need to contact a company that does Queens NY roof repair and replacements, because we had spent all of our savings on a down payment.

I was not sure how much a new roof cost, but I knew that it was one of the more expensive home repairs there is. I looked online to get a feel for which company really does right by their customers, because I just wanted an honest opinion of what needed to be done. When a roofing contractor came out to look at the roof, I was so happy when he said that we would be able to repair it for now. He was honest about it though and said that it was going to need replaced sooner rather than later, but we could get by right now with just a repair.

He told us the price for a new roof as well as the repair estimate if we went that route. The difference was pretty large, naturally, and we decided to just go ahead with the repair. We both felt we would be in a better place in a couple of years and could do the roof replacement then. Knowing that we did not have to fork out a lot of extra cash right then was such a relief, and the roof has held up just fine. We are hoping to actually get another few years out of it before we get a new one put on.