Finding a New Home in Atlanta for Work

When I found out that my husband got a promotion at work, I was very excited for him. I was proud of his achievement and everything that would come with it. One of the things that would have to change due to this promotion is that we would have to relocate to Atlanta. His company just open a new branch there, and they asked him to oversee services offered at that location. He told me that we would find a real estate agent who would help us find luxury apartments in Atlanta GA. He knew that I was a little apprehensive about doing it on my own, so I was glad that he made the suggestion.

The very next day I contacted the real estate professional that was recommended to us by his job. It turns out that a lot of people at his company are relocated on an annual basis, so they have a really good program in place that helps people find apartments and new places to live. This made me feel little more secure in our big move. I spoke with the real estate agent on the phone for about an hour. Throughout our conversation, she asked a lot of questions to try and understand what exactly we were looking for.

We told her that we were interested in renting instead of buying because we did know how long we would be in the area. She agreed that renting would be the better option, especially if we weren’t sure that we would be in the area for at least several years. She asked a lot of questions about what type of amenities we were looking for in our apartment. I had already created a list, so I simply went down the list and explain why each of the elements was important to me. She said that we were off to a great start, and that she would get back to me within 24 hours and let me know when we could begin touring.