My Wife is Happier in Atlanta

I was given a pretty good opportunity to advance my career, but I honestly did not know if I wanted to take advantage of it. It would mean that my wife and I would have to move to Atlanta, which is over three hours where we were living. I didn’t mind moving, but I did not want to uproot her from the only town she had ever lived in. Well, when she found out that I was debating this because of her, she took charge and started looking at apartments for 30339, since that is the zip code where we would have to live or at least be close to.

When she did that, all of the puzzle pieces just started falling into place. She told me that she would follow me to Alaska if need be, but she was glad that we were still pretty close to the majority of her family. She would be able to take weekend trips there every now and again, plus there is always video chats too. I was just thankful that she is the one who made the decision, just as she did for the apartment that we are living in now.

She looked at quite a few, but this one is the only one that she kept going back to. She liked the layout of the apartment the most, and she also was able to see the view that we would have every single day. There will be times I come home from work and she will just be on the balcony soaking it all in. Those are the days I like best here! She does a lot of local charity work, but she also fills her time in by going to the fitness center, using the pool, and taking our dog to to the bark park. With the exception of missing her family and friends, she is actually happier here!