Professional Cleaning Suits Me Well

There are a lot of reasons why people hire a cleaning company. Sometimes it is because they are not able to do the work themselves for health reasons. Other times it may be because they just don’t have the time because of busy schedules. It could be age related or because of an accident too. For me, it was none of those things. I am healthy, and I have plenty of time. I just don’t like to clean. That is why I wanted to bring in a cleaning company in Singapore to clean my house at least once a week.

That might make it seem like I am lazy, but I’m not. I have never liked doing the heavy cleaning. I am the type to go to the spa, get manicures on a regular basis, and have a standing hair appointment on the first Wednesday of every month. Does that sound like someone who wants to clean the toilet or dust everything? I may sound spoiled, but that is okay too. I do work hard with my job, and I feel that I am entitled to a bit of luxury because of it. Plus, I can easily afford it, so why not.

Kleepers is the cleaning company that I ended up hiring. I liked that I can do everything online. I was able to book my first appointment that way, and I got a nice discount because I am a new customer. I ended up getting a bundle of 15 sessions, knowing that I would definitely use all of them and then buy more. The woman who cleans my house is the same one, and she does a fantastic job. I can always tell when she is done because my condo literally sparkles and smells so nice too. I don’t mind being called spoiled when the results get me this!