Phone tapping

Judicial pronouncement about Phone tapping
In PUCLvs Union of India (Air1997SC568) also known as “Phone Tapping Case” the Supreme Court has held that telephone tapping is a grave invasion of an individual’s right to privacy. The state shall not resort to phone tapping unless called upon by public emergency or public safety .It was expressed by the court  that in this era of highly sophisticated communication technology usage, the privacy of  an individual is at stake and susceptible to abuse.    

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Privacy is described as the state and condition of being free from public attention, being free from unsanctioned intrusion, exercising will to reveal and conceal by choice. The word privacy can accommodate a very broad meaning because of its subjective nature.

‘Privacy’ as a subject does not find an exclusive space under any of the Lists mentioned in the constitution of India .As a result an independent statute making right to privacy enforceable under Indian law is yet to take shape .Nevertheless the framers of the constitution have in spirit protected right to privacy vide fundamental rights in Part III of the Constitution. The safeguards to protect privacy of individuals against the State have largely come about as a set of guidelines in the form of judicial pronouncements .The ambit of Article 21, (protection of life & personal liberty) under Right to Freedom, has been expanded so as to protect the right to privacy.