Harmless single woman engineer requires legal help to end hitech torture by stalker classmates

Harmless single woman engineer requires legal help to end daily hitech torture by stalker engineer classmates, who are senior indian government employees, working in intelligence and security agencies, their friends and associates. The harmless single woman is being ruthlessly tortured causing great pain, using invisible directed energy weapons, the indian version of the Raytheon pain gun in panaji, goa which the indian government refuses to acknowledge , so a PIL or writ petition will have to be filed to get details of the officials, equipment involved. Contact at nkinf@hotmail.com

No action against security, intelligence agency officials who slander

While harmless domain investors are closely monitored for every word they type falsely claiming that national security is involved, when no one will read the blog, no action is taken against powerful fraud security and intelligence agencies who are making up completely false stories defaming the harmless domain investor,
Most people believe the complete lies of these powerful shameless fraud indian government employees who are ruining the reputation of the domain investor who has not interfered in their life in any way. In panaji, goa the officials are involved in extremely malicious slander, adversely affecting the reputation, personal and professional life of the domain investor, making it difficult to contact anyone, yet no action is taken.

Why are indian government employees allowed to slander harmless indian citizens just because they hate them for personal hatred or greed.