Top official in goa criminally defaming online business owner as accountant to cover up FINANCIAL FRAUD, LABOR LAW violations

To cover up their FINANCIAL FRAUD, LABOR LAW violations, some greedy government employees CRIMINALLY DEFAME domain investor as accountant.
One of the reasons why goa is not rated highly as a place to do business, is because some of the top greedy goa government employees crooked caro, caro’s fraud-in-law nayak, mandrekar, goan bhandari pritesh chodankar, naik,are PATHOLOGICAL LIARS, completely devoid of honesty, personal and professional integrity
They are aware that caro’s wife robber riddhi nayak caro, relatives siddhi mandrekar, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, sindhi scammers school dropout housewife naina chandan, her sons karan, nikhil and other fraud raw/cbi/government employees, do not own the online business, websites including this one since they do not pay any expenses, do not do any computer work, and also do not hire anyone to do the work, since they do not find anyone skilled enough.
Yet indicating the complete lack of personal and professional integrity, these greedy goa government employees are extremely vicious in CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the real business owner, who is taking all the risk, doing all the computer work as an accountant and then falsely claiming that their lazy greedy fraud relatives and BRIBE givers , with no legal proof of business ownership own the business.
The greedy goa government employees do not even realize that in addition to being a FINANCIAL FRAUD, LABOR LAW violation worse than the Wistron Iphone factory, they are CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the business owner, falsely calling her the accountant, when she is doing the writing and other work for the business spending her time daily, she alone is taking the risk unlike robber riddhi nayak caro, who is only cooking, cleaning for her husband crooked caro, siddhi,sunaina, naina, nikhil, karan, who are not doing any computer work, yet make FAKE claims, get credit, monthly government salaries.
so before attracting other businesses, investors, the government should ask its well paid employees to stop CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the existing business owners.