Court case filed by Veena Kapoor against her son could have led to her murder.

Veena Kapoor was a 74 year old actress residing in Juhu who was allegedly murdered by her 43 year old son Sachin Kapoor after a property dispute and harassment case. She had filed cases against her son, who was working as a home math tutor for harassment in the high court. According to media reports, the murder took place between 6 am and 7 am on Tuesday morning after which Sachin Kapoor was dazed for one hour. After that he packed the body in a plastic bag , put it in a box which he carried in a wheelchair and put it in his car with the help of his household help Lalukumar Mandal. When the security intercepted him, he told them that he was moving household goods or waste ( media reports vary) .
The murder was mainly detected quickly because the elder son of Veena Kapoor, Nevin who was residing in the United States became worried when his mother did not answer his phone calls. He asked the building security to check up on his mother, and when he did not respond, he contacted the Juhu police station. The police broke open the door, but could not find anyone in the house. When they tried to trace Sachin Kapoor, they found his phone location in Panvel.

In the meanwhile Sachin Kapoor was searching for a location to dump the death body, and asked Lalukumar Mandal to help him, Finally they located a deep gorge on the Neral matheran road, and dumped the dead body. The carton was also dumped in the vicinity. When the police arrested Sachin Kapoor he confessed to the crime, and is allegedly planning to argue his case himself.

Sachin Kapoor is well educated, a post graduate in maths, who taught in two schools in Juhu, and later worked as a home tutor. He had a dispute with his mother regarding the 2000 square feet property in Juhu where his mother resided, which was worth more than 10 crores. The case was filed in the high court and both the son and household help was mentioned. Veena Kapoor who had acted in films and TV serials was allegedly killed with a baseball bat. Though the death does not appear to be planned, the CCTV cameras in and around the house are disconnected, so police are investigating the case.
Sachin Kapoor claimed that he would fight the case himself , he did not require any lawyer

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After the Shraddha walkar cases, murderers trying to make the body of victim disappear so that no case can be filed against them

DNA testing will be the only way the murder can be confirmed in the Shraddha Walkar case
Like the Sheena Bora murder case, in the Shraddha Walkar case also, the death was detected many months later, since no one realized that she was missing for at least a few months after her death.
If the dead body is not found, it is very difficult for the police and family members to confirm whether the person has died, and file a case in court.
So murderers like Aftab Poonawala are trying to ensure that no body parts are found after killing the victim.
Hence the police spent a lot of time searching for body parts of Shraddha Walkar, so that they can conduct the DNA test
It appears that the Shraddha Walkar case has led to a lot of similar incidents in India where the murder victim is chopped into parts so that there is no trace of the body left.