RAW/cbi/government agencies CRIMINALLY DEFAME online investors, workers to commit massive FINANCIAL FRAUD on them

Worldwide government agencies prevent cybercrime, only in india since 2010, government agencies R&AW/cbi continue their massive ONLINE, FINANCIAL FRAUD on some online investors,workers, robbing their data to make fake claims about their lazy greedy FRAUD employees like panaji greedy gsb FRAUD housewife cbi employee ROBBER riddhi nayak caro, gurugram haryana fraud mba raw employee ruchita kinge, greedy gujju fraud stock broker amita patel, indore cheater deepika/veena, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, naina premchandani, her scammer scons karan, pune axe bank manager nikhil, bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree, wife of fraud tata power employee guruprasad causing great losses to the online investor, worker whose data these cheater agencies are ruthlessly ROBBING.

R&AW/cbi are fully aware that their lazy greedy fraud employees are not doing any computer work and do not pay expenses,they are mostly housewives COOKING, CLEANING for their crooked husbands yet they are repeating the complete lies of top government employees from the btech 1993 class of iit bombay, who hate a single woman engineer, ROB her data to make fake claims about their lazy greedy fraud real girlfriends, associates to get them government jobs in the internet sector, great powers.

In all other sectors, workers are paid for the time working, expenses are reimbursed yet in a case of indian government SLAVERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD which can be legally proved checking the pan number, bank records and income tax returns of the 10-15 fraud raw/cbi employees FAKING domain ownership,online income, raw/cbi/indian government continues to make fake claims about their lazy greedy fraud employees using the ROBBED data of some online investors, workers especially migrants from north karnataka who do not have anyone to help them fight the massive government online, financial fraud, CRIMINAL DEFAMATION