NTRO most likely tapping judges phones in India

The AAP leader and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in an interview stated that judges are complaining that their their phone calls are being tapped and alleged that IB (intelligence bureau) was tapping the phones. However IB does not have much technology and equipment for tapping phones on an all india basis, it most likely that ntro is tapping the phones of judges and many other indian citizens, especially those who are well educated, wealthy and subjected to impersonation frauds.
However most indian citizens are not aware of how ntro operates and how their officials are misusing extremely expensive and sophisticated equipment mainly for personal gain or hatred.
Till the operation of NTRO is regulated, indian citizens should know that their phone calls are not private, ntro can put any citizen under surveillance. The phone calls, smses, emails of the domain investor owning this website have been diverted and stolen for the last 6 years, falsely claiming national security.