My Back Hurt After My Accident

I knew as soon as I tried to get out of my car after it was hit that there was something wrong with my back and neck. When I had gotten into my car just a few minutes earlier, there was not a single thing wrong with me, physically. When I got out of my car to assess the accident, I hurt as soon as I got out. I immediately sat back down, concerned. I was taken to the hospital, where I was kept for observation and then was advised to see a Philadelphia chiropractor because the tests that were done did not produce any signs of injury.

They knew that I was in a lot of discomfort though, which is why they recommended that I see a chiropractor. They explained that I could feel sore for just a few days, or I could feel worse with each passing day. The best thing I could do for myself was have a doctor who knows the back and neck best check me out. I asked for a recommendation, which is how I found the chiropractor that I went and saw. Because I was involved in an auto accident, they wanted me to come in that day.

I took everything from the hospital with me, and then filled out some paperwork there as well. It was not long before I had a physical examination. Thankfully, all the testing was already done, and I had those with me too. The chiropractor was able to determine what treatment plan I needed so I would not be in pain or have it grow worse than what it was, and I went to him for several weeks over this issue. I feel really good now, and I know that my chiropractor is a main reason why I do!