We Have a Big Problem at the Hotel

Of course this is the sort of thing that all hoteliers are living in fear of. Some time ago they had the problem of bed bug control in NYC off of the table. There was a concerted effort to get rid of the things and they succeeded in exterminating them in the USA. That did not last forever however, obviously these creatures are really tiny and they eventually hitched a ride back into America in the luggage of some traveler. They came back really strong and so now you can get them all over the place and travelers are always spreading them around to places where they are not found. Of course we are always on the watch for them and the other night we had a real scare, but it turned out that the guest was just a bit on the paranoid side. The guy was acting strange the entire time that he was staying with us. It was not too surprising when we found out that he was crying wolf about the bed bugs, but that did not mean we did not have to call up the guy to check for them.

It seems pretty obvious in retrospect that the guest was looking to get a free stay at the hotel. That was how it appeared in the end, but at first we had to take him seriously. He was swearing that something had been biting him, but the whole time he refused to show us the bites. So we never saw the evidence and once the exterminator told us the room was clean, we started to think that there was nothing there. Of course he would have been better off if he had just tried to leave without paying. That is something which happens to us on occasion.