Mediocre fraud Brahmin women get R&AW jobs for cheating, exploiting harmless OBC engineers

According to the indian constitution, all indian citizens have the right to justice and equality , however since 2010, the legal system can be easily manipulated by those who are well connected to reward their lazy fraud relatives and friends.

However, when google, tata sponsored fraud brahmin women like shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar, goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, cheat and commit corporate espionage on a harmless single woman obc engineer, instead of being punished for their crime, the indian government is rewarding these cheater women with lucrative R&AW jobs falsely claiming that these brahmin cheaters have the impressive resume including btech 1993 ee degree, investment of the obc engineer she cheated

Usually the cheating victim will get justice and compensation, however the google, tata controlled indian government is wasting tax payer money paying these google, tata sponsored brahmin cheaters a monthly government salary for faking a btech 1993 ee degree, while a huge amount of tax money is wasted to further destroy the life the life of obc engineer already cheated, exploited and tortured by the google, tata sponsored brahmin fraud R&AW employees