Chronic Back Problem and Chiropractic Relief

Most of the people I know with back pain complain of lower back pain. I have it in my shoulders. It can get to aching like a toothache to the point I walk all hunched over and barely able to move. When this first started, I thought I was having a heart attack because the pain does radiate, and it was affecting my left arm too. The full cardiac workup proved it was not my heart, and the scans showed problems with some arthritis and degenerative disk disease in my cervical spine. My chiropractor in Sacramento helps me manage the pain to pretty much live a perfectly normal life.

I refuse to be a victim of painkillers. I see many friends and neighbors hooked on narcotics and even the over-the-counter NSAIDs. I have one neighbor who cannot get through a work day without his 800mg prescription ibuprofen. I cannot begin to imagine what he is doing to his heart taking that every day. He says he has to do something about the pain to get through work. He works outside in all kinds of weather. He says it hurts too bad to not take the pills. I admit that my back pain got me to the point that I could barely move, and I have taken pain medications then. However, I despise the pills so much that I only feel better when off of them. Plus, the narcotic painkillers make me sick at my stomach.

I prefer the spinal adjustments and other therapies that relieve the pain without needing any pills. I can feel an instant difference when a nerve is compressed and a spinal adjustment relieves the pressure. It sends a rush of relief to the area of pain. I keep up my regular visits to my chiropractor in Sacramento because I have the ongoing issue of the arthritis and disk disease.