Perfect Way to Advertise Your Business

Flyer distribution in Singapore wasn’t my first choice when it came to advertising my new restaurant, but it should have been considering how it turned out. I went through the usual advertising options and found many of them far too expensive for my meager budget. I spent a lot of money on getting the restaurant up to snuff for my new customers, which left me with few options to publicize my place. Radio and television spots, even short ones, are very expensive and most people don’t watch or listen to television or radio as they did even a decade ago.

A friend suggested I look into companies that distribute flyers as a way to get the word out. I snorted at first, but the more I thought about it, the better it seemed. The great thing about flyers is that you can target people where they live. I’m not talking about handing them out on street corners. People think that type of behavior is bizarre and usually throw the flyer away without looking at it. I’m talking about leaving them at places of business and on apartment and home doors. People always look at it before tossing it. I know I do.

So I found a great company online, a company in this line of work distributing flyers, and found their rates quite reasonable. i went with one of their smaller packages, a few thousand flyers, and they set to work. They had a good idea where to leave them after knowing my location and it didn’t take more than a couple of days to get them out. I think it was a tremendous success. I had lots of people dropping in my opening day mentioning the flyers, and several even brought one along. I feel this was the best choice I made making sure my business will be a success.