The Island of Singapore Will Soon Have Two More Citizens

When the doctor told us that we should prepare to be parents, I was surprised. We thought that there was no way for us to get pregnant. When the doctor told us that it was twins, I was too surprised to even be able to stand up. I was filled with joy and concern all at the same time. The rush of feeling was wonderful and strange at the same moment. I cannot even adequately describe it. My wife’s first words were about us needing a new place to live. I had a PARC Life brochure in my pocket, and we were considering the time to completion of that project along with the due date for our children.

We were going to have to go from a one bedroom condo to a three bedroom unit pretty much overnight. We had to make sure that we stuck to getting a place that was well within our housing budget, but we did need the three bedrooms. Toddlers turn into teenagers a lot faster than you think! My wife and I are established in our careers, and we are not just out of college. We have been working for some time now. We were both really surprised about the pregnancy. We have never used any form of birth control from the beginning when we tried to have a baby after we got married. Imagine the surprise 10 years later to not only be expecting, but to be expecting twins!

The PARC Life condo will have everything we want for us and our children. They even have a kids bubble spa. We are looking forward to our delivery date and the date we will be moving into our new executive condo at PARC Life in the area of Canberra Park here in beautiful Singapore.