A Peaceful Setting in Edina

I was really hoping to find a nice place to live sooner rather than later. I did not want to have to settle for a place, especially since I was hoping to make this a long term stay. I was going to sign a contract that would keep me in the area for at least three years, so I wanted one of the nicer <>Edina apartments instead of settling for one and then having to move again when I found the one I wanted. I decided to just look online then fly up there and look at a few of the complexes that I thought were the better ones.

I knew that would take more time, but I also figured it would be the best way to make sure I got the right apartment on the first try. I ended up looking at quite a few apartment complexes in and around Edina, and I made a list of the six that I thought looked the best for my needs. I was able to arrange tours for the same day, so it would just be a quick trip. Upon landing, it did not take long to get to the first one, which was Cedars of Edina.

I chose that one first because it is the one that I liked the best, and I knew as soon as I started the tour that it was the one I was going to take. That was without even looking at the others. It just has so much going for it. It is the closest to where I now work, and it is such a peaceful setting. My work is stressful and chaotic at times, and being able to relax in such a quiet setting is perfect for me. I didn’t even tour any of the others on that quick trip up here because I knew none of them would be able to compare.