Proper Use of Body Aesthetic Procedures

I come from a long line of females with thin lips. Not just a little thin, really thin. We have striking eyes and proportioned chins and noses. Our ears are not too big or small either. However, we just have very thin lips. I went to a Singapore aesthetic clinic as a young adult to get my lips contoured to look better. I did not do that crazy look that some female movie stars have done. I did not want puffy lips that stuck out like a sore thumb. I just wanted a natural look to my lips. The difference was amazing. I admit that it took some getting used to. I had a normal fullness to my lips, and they felt funny even for a week or two after I healed up completely from the procedure. I even felt like I spoke oddly for a couple of days. However, now they are a part of me and look really good.

Yes, I do the duckface pose in the mirror just to admire them. However, I still refuse to do that even slightly for social media pictures. I do not have to anyway as my lips have a natural look of fullness to them now that they never had before. Before, my lips looked like a thin line on my face. Now you can actually see lips. I really like how lipstick looks on me now. I used to draw it on beyond the outline of my lips to give a fake full appearance. I do not have to do that any longer. The Singapore aesthetic clinic gave me the exact look I wanted.

I have no desire to go back in and make my lips even more pronounced. I am extremely happy with the result I have. I look natural and not like some Hollywood clown. Body aesthetics through medicine should be done within reason and to promote real good looks that promote an overall improved sense of wellbeing.