When the Teacher is Not Getting Through a Tutor Just Might

When I was in school I really did not have a plan. Jobs were more plentiful for the work that I could do. There were plenty of jobs that paid well for what is basically unskilled labor. Now you need a degree if you hope to get a paycheck from a firm that is going to be a sustaining wage. This is one of the reasons we paid for <">physics tuition in Singapore for our son when he told us he was struggling a bit to keep up with some of his classes in science. He is very smart and very capable. However, sometimes it just comes down to how the curriculum is being taught. Have you ever had a teacher try to explain a subject to you and it not make any sense only to have someone else come along and explain it in a way that makes perfect sense?

Sometimes students just do not click with one of their teachers. This is what was happening with our son. The teacher felt our son was not trying, and our son told us that the teacher was just not very good at explaining things. Maybe there was a place in the middle where the truth was at. We are not sure. All that we do know is that after we signed him up for physics tuition in Singapore, his grades shot up. He was very proud of the hard work he put in and the accomplishments he made in his physics class. The teacher was impressed, and our son told us that he pretty much relied on the tutoring to understand the lessons in the textbooks while never really getting how the teacher explained things. Hey, whatever it takes to pass with a high grade as long as it is ethical and effective.