R&AW falsely claims that its goan bhandari prostitute employee sunaina criminally trespasses to grow plants in google competitors pots

Google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi, goan government are so vicious in defaming a single woman bhandari engineer, google competitor and domain investor that they refuse to give her credit for whatever she does does and falsely give the google, tata supplied slim goan bhandari R&AW prostitute employee sunaina chodan, a slim lazy fraud only interested in offering sex services credit, powers and a salary for whatever the google competitor does as part of the extremely vicious defamation campaign

However gardening has exposed the fact that the goan government is openly and shamelessly pampering the lazy greedy goan bhandari sex worker sunaina chodan, giving her credit for work she does not do, Immediately after a pot related blog was installed by the google competitor in june 2018, the google, tata PIMPS, lovers, sugar daddies, relatives of the pampered panaji prostitute sunaina chodan, falsely claimed that the VVIP panaji sex worker sunaina required pots, and gifted her many pots as part of the prostitute promotion propaganda of google, tata since 2010.

However R&AW employee panaji prostitute sunaina is extremely lazy and least interested in gardening , so 3 months later in september 2018, she has not filled the pots with mud and grown any plant, though she has plenty of mud around her house to fill the pot,. However she regularly criminally trespasses on the house of the google competitor, and then her shameless fraud sugar daddies, pimps, lovers and relatives, falsely claims that the panaji prostitute, who does not do any gardening, owns the pots and plants of the google competitor, as part of prostitute promotion propaganda of google, tata

Can the goan, indian government, google, tata explain why the panaji prostitute R&AW employee sunaina is keeping her own pots empty, criminally trespassing to grow plants in others pots