Lawyer Satish Maneshinde slanders actor sushant singh rajput after rhea chakraborty is arrested

One of the reason why the case of actor sushant singh rajput is closely followed, is because of the intense hatred . Usually in India people are excellent hypocrites, they will never tell what they feel openly, only in this case people are openly criticizing
Yet even in this case, the slander reached new heights when Lawyer Satish Maneshinde slandered actor sushant singh rajput after his girlfriend rhea chakraborty was arrested
“Travesty of justice. Three Central agencies are hounding a single woman who was in love with a drug addict and was suffering from mental health issues for several years under the care of five leading Psychiatrists in Mumbai. He ended up committing suicide due to consumption of Illegally Administered Medicines and used drugs.”
This comment has been widely covered in the indian mainstream media
The actor has been defamed as a “drug addict with mental health issues”, all his acting is forgotten.
If the case was not taken to the central agencies, all this slander would not take place. The family of the actor, especially his sisters and their children will find that these allegations will follow them for many decades, if not the rest of their life. the main issue that he was mostly murdered, is being conveniently covered up in this case
This is the reason why people whose family member has committed suicide, like disha salian will keep quiet, not demand any investigation.