Criminal trespassing by CCP contractor to kill plants growing in private property continues in panaji, goa

In La campala colony panaji, goa the local munincipality employees/contractors are entering private property, criminally trespassing and killing plants repeatedly when the home owner is away
They have killed plants in July, August 2020 and again on 15 January 2021
Only the CCP contractor hired for killing plants in public property has a power weeder, the equipment which shreds the plants, no one else locally has the equipment and will use it on private property without a legally valid reason
Plants killed on 15 January 2021 include
– Wedellia
– Butterfly pea, ternatea
– Sword ferns
– several morning glory plants
– papaya plant
All the plants were growing in private property, there is a gate, yet only because the property owner is away, and has hostile neighbors who are allegedly falsely claiming ownership, the CCP contractor is criminally trespassing on private property, using the power weeder on private property, killing plants
The gate of the property is left open so that newspaper delivery person, postman can leave mail, yet this is misused by the CCP contractor who is killing the plants using the power weeder on private property without the permission of the property owner or a legally valid reason.
Photos of the shredded plants in private property can be provided.