Despite having the best lawyers,Aryan Khan remains in jail

The case of Aryan Khan is being closely followed in social media and elsewhere, mainly because he remains in jail for more than 20 days, despite having the best lawyers at his disposal.
Initially famous lawyer Satish Maneshinde was handling the case, and when he was not able to get bail, Amit Desai who was Salman Khan’s lawyer in the hit and run case was hired . Amit Desai was also not able to get bail, and now both the lawyers have been hired in the biggest news stories for the television channels in Hindi and Marathi.
Actor Salman Khan has been open in his support of Shahrukh khan in the case, visiting him repeatedly
However other celebrities like Karan Johar, Ranvir Singh, Kapoors have kept quiet indicating that there may be more to the case than what is visible.