IPS officer Parambir Singh’s lawyer claims that there is a threat to his life in Maharashtra

In 2021, the activities of powerful people were a great source of entertainment for ordinary indian citizens
One of the biggest cases, was that of IPS officer Parambir Singh, former mumbai police commissioner who made some allegations against the home minister of the state and then went missing after extortion cases were filed against him.
The Maharashtra police have not been able to find him in the last few months and he filed a petition in the supreme court to get a stay against his arrest.
His lawyer Puneet Bali confirmed to the supreme court that Parambir Singh was very much in India but there is threat to his life in Maharashtra .
This resulted in a major discussion on television channels on Parambir Singh, how he was holding important police positions in Maharashtra for several decades and now he is claiming that his life is threatened by the same police.
They also commented on the efficiency of the Mumbai police that they cannot trace him, though he is in India