Criminal official misusing hitech weapons remains hidden

Sophisticated laser and radiation weapons are extremely powerful, yet in panaji, goa some cowardly cruel criminal officials have been given great powers and are misusing the weapons to stalk and torture a harmless single woman engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder daily causing great pain, making it impossible to do any work during the day.

The pain endured by the victim of hitech torture is far worse than a person who is being slapped, a victim of domestic abuse or domestic violence, yet the harmless innocent victim cannot find the name of the criminal official who is stalking and torturing her daily to cause great pain.
A person who is being slapped, a victim of domestic abuse or assault in any way can get legal help and the person involved in the assault, slapping, domestic violence will usually be punished if a case will be filed in the court of law. However Indian medical professionals, intelligence and security agency officials refuse to openly acknowledge th fact that these weapons are being misused to cause great pain.
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