Still Have Not Replaced My Car

I am not sure what the big delay is, but it has been more than a month and a half without any resolution of my claim. There is not much doubt as to what happened and it is sure to be resolved in my favor at some point, but for now the guy who hit me has succeeded in making it far less clear than it should be. I have been talking to a Sacramento car accident attorney about representing me, but it does not really seem as though I should need one. In fact my car was parked, or quite nearly parked when the accident occurred. I was in front of the office of a client and suddenly some guy ran a stop light and caused a three car collision. That was just the underlying cause of my problem. It was not any of those vehicles who hit me. The guy who hit me was trying to avoid it, but he was going about fifteen or twenty miles above the speed limit. In fact he was driving at highway speed in a busy part of town. If he had been going the speed limit or something close to it, then he would have had no trouble at all avoiding any involvement in the melee. In fact he should have been able to stop any way, but I am assuming that he was messing with his phone or something like that which distracted him. Of course he is apparently already in a big hole with regards to his license, so he has a big incentive to fight the charge that the police hit him with. If he does not get it reduced they are going to take his license for a year and obviously he is not going to let them do it without a fight.