panaji’s criminal sex bribe taking officials attack harmless obc engineer repeatedly

The cruel criminal cowardly ntro, security agency officials posted in panaji, goa, allegedly bribed by google. tata ruthlessly and criminally attacked the harmless obc single engineer who is being impersonated by 8-9 lazy greedy fraud housewife, sex bribe giving who have sex with these officials, cheater raw/cbi employees.
These criminal cowardly officials getting a government salary repeatedly attacked the engineer on 19 February 2016, at broadway in panaji, at around 10.40 am , at hotel fidalgo, panaji, at around 12.25 noon and at around 3.25 pm at st inez to cause great pain, which is almost unbearable.
These criminal officials will not have the honesty or courage to justify their fraud, criminal attack on a harmless civilian in an open debate, yet are allowed to run amok to cause great pain to a harmless civilian who has not harmed anyone at all.

why are criminal ntro officials allowed to waste tax payer MONEY for LIFETIME FREE SEX with lazy greedy goan sex bribe giving R&AW employees siddhi mandrekar, goan obc bhandari bsc sunaina who are FAKING THEIR BTECH 1993 ee degree, investment to get a R&AW salary