Cuemath only hiring married women, openly discriminating

Indian society in general, intelligence and security agencies in particular, are extremely prejudiced against single women, and unmarried women are the greatest targets of powerful intelligence and security agency officials who are making completely fake allegations without any proof at all to destroy the reputation and life of the innocent person. These indian government employees are getting their monthly salary and pension, yet they are not asked to compensate the woman whose life they have destroyed with their completely fake allegations.
In an indication of the extreme prejudice against single women in large metro cities in particular, cuemath which is advertising extensively online, had explicitly indicated in an ad in times of India that only married women should apply for a job. Google has invested in Cuemath according to media reports, indirectly hinting that Google is supporting the attitude of openly discriminating against women who are not married.
This indicates a disturbing trend in India society as it becomes more conservative and intolerant, unmarried or single women are treated as second class citizens unlike european countries where the marital status of a woman is purely a private matter. It clearly indicates that indian intelligence agencies especially CBI are extremely regressive, forcing women to get married if they want access to opportunities, not realizing the fact that it may be very difficult for some women to find a suitable person to get married to.
It is an open case of discrimination against women based on their marital status, unmarried women are denied opportunities and income they deserved on the basis of their education, experience, work ethic in India in 2017, while married women are pampered and given opportunities they do not deserve.

Ironically most of the greatest scientist and mathematicians in the world whose theories and laws are taught today like Sir Isaac Newton were never married , yet in the extremely intolerant and regressive India of 2017 , only married women are considered to be suitable for teaching mathematics