Surveillance used to plan and carry out theft in panaji, goa

Tata, google, are allegedly bribing the extremely corrupt intelligence and security agency officials to make fake allegations against a harmless google competitor, to put her under surveillance, so that google, tata and their associates can steal whatever they want from any house of the domain investor, without being detected and without fear. When the google competitor is out of the house, or out of the state, these officials are entering the house and stealing the coins.
These officials have already stolen a large part of the retirement savings of the google competitor without a court order or legally valid reason to cause great financial losses, yet are like animals without humanity,as they are doing everything possible to cause losses.
The latest theft of the gang of criminal indian government employees in panaji, goa on the payroll of google, tata is the theft of some united state coins from a home in miramar, campal, panaji, goa as the tata, google officials are not satisfied with stealing the retirement savings, resume, correspondence of the engineer for goan sex workers, frauds, they are repeatedly entering her house to steal whatever small items which are kept there, as they waste crores of rupees of indian tax payer money to make the domain investor penniless.
Most countries are protecting their local companies against Google, however India is the only country in the world where millions of dollars of tax payer money are wasted to increase the profit of a US company like google, though millions of indian citizens are starving, and die due to lack of money.,