Increase in sexual harassment of women in india

Sexual harassment of women in India is increasing because powerful top intelligence and security agency, ntro employees themselves are involved in sexual exploitation of women and get away with their sexual exploitation without being questioned or held accountable, wasting indian tax payer money in the process.

For example in the indian internet sector, domain investors worldwide are allegedly claiming that some lazy greedy mediocre goan women sunaina, siddhi have got government jobs (allegedly in R&AW) because they are sleeping with top indian government employees. Though these lazy risk averse young women have never invested any money in domain names, and are least interested in doing so, the top ntro, cbi, indian government employees are falsely claiming that their lazy greedy girlfriends are domain investors, online experts, because they offer sex bribes, while the real domain investor actually spending money and time on domain names ,actually having experience is not getting anything, because she does not offer sex bribes . All complaints of the real domain investor have been ignored till date as RTI is not applicable to these agencies

When male indian citizens notice how senior powerful intelligence, security agency, ntro, cbi employees are openly involved in the sexual exploitation, harassment of women and remain unpunished, unquestioned , they also try to follow the footsteps of these powerful indian government employees, so sexual harassment against women in India is increasing compared to a few decades ago, where educated women were treated with more respect.