Scoopwhoop follows TVF in sexual harassment of women

The indian internet sector is the worst in sexual exploitation of women as the most powerful indian government employees think that sexual exploitation of women is their birthright and are allowed to waste any amount of indian tax payer money to sexually exploit, harass and torture harmless indian women , with domain investors specifically targetted in India . The woman being sexually exploited cannot even take legal action against the indian government employees who are involved in sexual harassment of harmless indian women as they cannot be identified or held accountable as RTI is not applicable.
Naturally CEOs of large companies in the indian internet sector are following the footsteps of the top government employees in sexually exploiting and harassing women working in the tech sector, with Scoopwhoop and TVF in the news for sexual harassment . In case of TVF, the woman employee had complained on the website medium according to media reports, however the complaint was deleted . In fact there are almost no complaints of sexual harassment of women online, because internet in India is highly censored.
Only offline FIRs are reported in the media