Actor Shahrukh Khan spent a large amount on legal fees for his son aryan khan

The aryan khan arrest case, resulted in a lot of media coverage for top lawyers the fees which they charged
According to the television new channels, the first lawyer hired Satish Maneshinde by actor Shahrukh Khan charges Rs 10 lakh per court appearance
Similarly the second lawyer Amit Desai also charges Rs 10 lakh per court appearance
The third senior lawyer Mukul Rohtagi was the attorney general of India from 2014-2017, was flown in for this case specially from London.
There is speculation that he charged Rs 10-Rs 15 lakh for this case , though for some cases, he has charged Rs 1 crore from the government of india

Lawyers are making a huge amount in legal fees, they are not labelled a security threat, domain investors do not even make Rs 10 lakh in one year , yet they are falsely labelled a security threat without any legally valid reason, in a clear case of EXTORTION of the greedy government employees like mandrekar, caro, nayak, pritesh chodankar, naik, hathwar,kodancha for the last 11 years, allegedly bribed by google, tata, which the mainstream media refuses to cover .

please note that greedy goan bhandari raw employee scammer sunaina chodan is not associated with the website in any way since she does not do any computer work, though her google, tata PIMPS, brahmin sugar daddies in ntro, raw, cbi are making fake claims in a major sex trade, extortion racket, of the indian tech and internet companies since 2010.