Rs one lakh surety required for bail for Aryan Khan

The Aryan khan arrest case, resulted in a lot of media coverage for the arrest and bail procedure, the systems in place
It appears that there are different kinds of bail for those who are arrested
In some cases the judge will accept cash bail, in other cases a surety is required.
If the amount is large, a solvency certificate is also required.
In case of Aryan Khan, son of actor Shahrukh khan,the court required a surety of Rs one lakh
Actress Juhi Chawla, the co-star of Shahrukh khan in many popular movies was the surety for aryan khan and provided the necessary documents
The domain investor is tracking the solvency certificate part, because as part of the extortion racket of ntro/raw/cbi employees her retirement savings are stolen without a court order.
For getting a copy of the post office certificates stolen by the well paid government employees, if a government employee is not standing surety, she will require a solvency certificate, but is not very easy to get a solvency certificate